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About the movie: The music video was shot on April 7, 2010. The video was directed by Edouard Salier. The video shows the band dressed up as American soldiers patrolling the desert in an armored Humvee while showing scenes of war and leaders all while some unknown entity observes them and their action. Near the end of the video, various military vehicles (Humvees, tanks, fighter airplanes, helicopters, battleships) are flying seemingly uncontrollably above the men, towards a pile. The group's own Humvee gets sucked into the pile. The objects smashing into the pile get temporarily crushed but assume their normal uncrushed form after a second. As the camera shows the forming pile from afar, it is revealed that it forms into a huge pyramid, hovering over the desert.


IMDB Rate: 7.2

Year: 2009

Source: Subscene.com