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About the movie: Waking up with a start, Jaden a professional boxer seems disturbed by the images he has dreamed about. Jaden is comforted by his wife and is soon reassured. This tender moment is broken by Jaden's trainer's arrival. It' s an important day in Jaden's career as he is fighting 'Bank's' Jaden's only road block in his way to a title shot. After all the training and at the height of his career his moment has arrived, Jaden is standing in his corner distracted by the images he has had. Snapping back into reality Jaden comes out of his corner determined to destroy Banks, as the savage barrage of punches fly it is Jaden that hit's the canvas. Waking up with a start Jaden finds himself in bed, calling for his wife Jaden finds himself completely alone, uncertainty fills Jaden's only broken by a banging on the door. Jaden finds himself talking to his trainer ...again, but the same conversation as the previous day. The trainer dismisses Jaden's behaviour as a prank but the situation is far from ...


IMDB Rate: 6.9

Year: 2006

Source: Subscene.com