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About the movie: Funny short documentary asking 'what does gay mean'? Children and young people aged 4-22 years explain how the term gay is used in every day language, identifying the meanings of fun, immature and 'cheesy' alongside the potency of the word as a playground insult on a scale of 1-10. Things get really creative about gay shoes....... This is a short film made by first-time filmmakers, Angie West and Jackie Nunns, a lesbian couple in their 50s, and stalwart LGB film goers. ANGIE AND JACKIE UNTITLED is the humorous 16 min documentary about their film-making journey and their struggle to get children to talk about this taboo subject. ANGIE AND JACKIE UNTITLED is submitted as a potential companion film.


IMDB Rate: n/A

Year: 1988

Source: Subscene.com


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