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About the movie: The video is set in a futuristic theme park called "Oblivia." The video opens with Perry walking through the gates of the theme park, where she stares at her surroundings in fascination. In the video, the guests are all taking selfies, eating sticks of candy floss in the shape of a nuclear mushroom cloud and crowding around a sign for "the greatest ride in the universe." Perry is awestruck until she pricks her finger on a rose stem made of barbed wire. Some of the attractions contain references to the Brighton Palace Pier in the United Kingdom. The giant concrete dome in the park is supposedly a reference to the San Onofre nuclear power plant located on the Pacific coast. The next scene shows Perry riding a roller coaster. The scene changes to "The Great American Dream Drop," where a young couple snuggles in a tiny house that's flung high into the air, which then plunges into the ground.


IMDB Rate: 6.5

Year: 2017

Source: Subscene.com