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About the movie: Four friends Chakry, Abbas, Raghu, Gogi (JD, Mukul Dev, Brahmaji, Kavin Dev) are going through financial crisis and run out of jobs. They finally decide to do a kidnapping and target Maggie (Tara Alisha), daughter of rich businessman Jagadish (Nagababu). They kidnap her and get her to the house of Khan Dada (Brahmi) who is now financially bankrupt. In this process, the kidnappers also put Khan Dadas family as hostage. The ransom money is demanded from Jagadish. Meanwhile, love begins to blossom between Chakry and Maggie. When the money gets ready, doubts and suspicion begin to creep up in the four friends minds and what happens from there forms the rest of the story.J D Chekravarthy gave a natural act. Interestingly, age doesnt show on him and he looks the same like he was in the first Money movie. Tara Alisha is sizzling hot. Sporting a short banian and tight shorts, she oozed her oomph wherever possible. Acting wise, she needs to work on her expressions and develop ease in front of ...


IMDB Rate: 4.2

Year: 2011

Source: Subscene.com