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About the movie: Choi Go Bong (Shin Ha Kyun) was a successful businessman but he was not a great father to his rebellious son Choi Dae Han (Lee Joon) and a good husband to his dead wive, he owned several great hotels and resorts he also strict to his brother, sister, and his employees. However accidentally on a freak meteor accident he swallowed a meteor rock made him look younger like on his 30-th, he chose to run away from his families afraid his family members will be surprised and will not believe him for who he is. Choi Go Bong met Eun Ha Soo (Jang Na Ra) and touched by her kindness and straight forward nature slowly falling in love with her. Choi Dae Han who was focusing to find his father also fall for Eun Ha soo. Choi Go Bong wanted to spend his lost time with his son and at the same time teaching him to be a good leader for his company hence father and son were bonding through difficulties.


IMDB Rate: 6.7

Year: 2014

Source: Subscene.com


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