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About the movie: The filming of the video was made by Philip Andelman and took place in late May 2010 in Budapest, Hungary during the filming of Gomez's film, Monte Carlo. Gomez posted two previews of the song on her Twitter on June 17, 2010 to precede the video's premiere on June 20, 2010 on Disney Channel and subsequently VEVO. Along with singing on a stage with the Scene, the video features Gomez acting as a secret agent and donning spy apparel, as she plants bugs, takes photos, passes off packages, and other duties. She is then caught by other spies and is chased throughout the city, with another secret agent she works with covers her back as she runs away. It ends with Gomez blowing out the match she previously struck.


IMDB Rate: 6.3

Year: 2011

Source: Subscene.com