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About the movie: Having learnt from Douglas that the secret of his success is wearing women's slacks Moss buys a pair, which makes him brave and creative. Roy is annoyed that tiny barista Troy is making his coffee too milky and they argue, after which Troy falls in front of a van. At the same time Jen accidentally throws coffee over a vagrant, both incidents being captured on camera and posted on the Internet, turning Jen and Roy into global hate figures. Roy also accompanies girlfriend Alice to her grandfather's funeral but overdoes the pepper spray to simulate tears of grief, which, added to his Internet notoriety, is enough for her to dump him. Douglas attempts damage limitation by going on TV's 'The Secret Millionaire' but blows his cover so Moss devises a plan to market the pepper spray and turn his colleagues into heroes. However it backfires and the IT crowd have to clear their desks.


IMDB Rate: 8.6

Year: 2013

Source: Subscene.com