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About the movie: Venus, an exotic dancer, is a gorgeous, man-eater New Yorker, who like a true Goddess of Love, leaves men powerless before her with their wallets empty. However, there is another side of Venus. Sensitive and artistic, Venus is also an aspiring ballerina who studies French, infatuated with a handsome Australian photographer who will have her craving for a fresh start away from everything. But as time moves on, minute and insignificant changes in his attitude will gradually give way to indifference, exhaustion and ultimately stagnation in their relationship. As a result, betrayed, vulnerable and torn from the ever-growing hallucinations, Venus will turn to the only person loyal to her: her own true inner self, an obscure imitation of her outer shell that demands to be loved.


IMDB Rate: 5.4

Year: 2006

Source: Subscene.com