Skarede_Kacatko( 59 )

From Jan 1st 2024
HIStory3 : Make our days count 1-10 SKSlovak otherGreat Men Academy 1-8 SKSlovak otherMy Sweet Dear EP03 + 04 SKSlovak otherMy sweet dear EP01 + EP02 SKSlovak otherHIStory4: Close to you EP1-20ENDSlovak otherDark Blue Kiss EP1-3Slovak other2 Moons 2 EP1-12 ENDSlovak otherRed Thread EP1-17 ENDSlovak otherThe Effect EP1-3 ENDSlovak otherTheoryofloveEP1-12ENDSlovak otherTharnType S1 EP1-13ENDSlovak otherS01Nobleman Ryu's Wedding Ceremony EP1-8 ENDSlovak otherThe man who defies the world of BL EP1-4 ENDSlovak otherManner of death EP1-14 ENDSlovak otherTo my star EP1-9ENDSlovak otherTharnType S2 EP1-13END SKSlovak otherS02Color Rush EP1-8 ENDSlovak otherI told sunset about you EP1-5 ENDSlovak otherStill2gether EP1-5 ENDSlovak otherLove by chance S2 EP1-13ENDSlovak otherS02Mr Heart SK EP1-8 ENDSlovak otherWellintendedloveS1EP1-20ENDSlovak otherS01Night Flight SKSlovak otherHIS-Ididn'tthinkIwouldfallinloveEP1-5ENDEnglish otherHIS - I didn't think I would fall in love EP1-5 ENDSlovak other2gether SK EP1-13Slovak otherLife - Senjou no bokura EP1-4Slovak otherTogether with me EP1-13Slovak otherDaytime shooting star SKSlovak otherThe 8-Year Engagement SKSlovak otherToday's Kira-kun SKSlovak otherOnce upon a time SKSlovak otherMethodSlovak otherKill It EP1-12 SKSlovak otherMy Little Monster SKSlovak otherThe dude in me SKSlovak otherSensei! SKSlovak otherTomorrow I will date yesterday's you SKSlovak otherGonjiam SKSlovak otherKinkyori Renai SKSlovak otherFall in love at first kiss SKSlovak otherLong time no see EP1-5 SKSlovak otherThesmilehasleftyoureyesEP1-16SKSlovak otherHIStory1 : My Hero SKSlovak otherHistory2:RightorWrongSKSlovak otherHIStory1 : Stay away from me SKSlovak otherLoveByChanceEP1-14Slovak otherDeath Song EP1-3Slovak otherTime EP1-16Slovak otherHIStory1:ObsessedSKSlovak otherRebel : The thief who stole the people SKSlovak otherHIStory1 : Stay away from me ENGEnglish otherHIStory1 : My Hero ENGEnglish otherHIStory1 : Obsessed ENGEnglish otherCome and hug me SK EP1-32Slovak otherEXO Next Door EP1-16 + ŠPECIÁLSlovak otherPostman to Heaven SKSlovak other109strangethingsEP1-6Slovak otherMy only love song SKSlovak other